A Closer Look at Manchester Business School

The Manchester Business School is under the umbrella of the University of Manchester. It is one of the biggest campus based business and management school in all of the United Kingdom. They are aiming to provide world-class business and management training and education to students through their many postgraduate and undergraduate programs. They are also offering training courses to experienced practitioners, as well as those who want to increase their knowledge and expertise leveling to meet a certain educational criteria or requirement.

The Manchester Business School offers management, accounting, finance, and business courses. Depending upon which course you want to take, students could easily finish the degrees in 3 to 4 years time. The accounting and finance programs offered by the university touch on social sciences as well, a curriculum not offered by other universities. Their business undergraduate courses is integrated with the broader context of social and economic factors. They also offer information systems, which is the currently very necessary in business application. And their management courses cover the specialized areas of your choice of business or profession.

The Specialist Masters offered by the Manchester Business School strives to produce graduates that are not only business savvy but also are able to provide global solutions to on-going problems. They want to form graduates that can deliver programs of international relevance, considering worldwide perspectives. The Specialist Masters courses offered are Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Global Business Analysis, and Decision Sciences / Operational Research, among others.

The MBA degrees of the Manchester Business School run for eighteen months on a full-time basis. The degrees have 3 key stages. The first is the introductory module, followed by the diploma stage, and lastly, the MBA stage. The school also offers summer internship programs to their students that will provide them with an opportunity to earn while gaining relevant experience for credits with their respective MBA degrees.

Aside from these three major educational degrees, the Manchester Business School also offers postgraduate research. And right now, the school is positioned at the second top spot in the FT rankings in 2007. Their postgraduate research program is the biggest one in the United Kingdom. They are able to keep their high rank all throughout the years because they only recruit highly qualified students for their Doctoral Programs. The three types of research being offered by the Manchester Business School are Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Degree of Master of Philosophy, and DBA by distance learning.

Executive education is also one of the premier offerings of the University of Manchester. It aims to provide corporate leaders and executives with cutting edge thinking in both the areas of management and leadership. They have created a highly progressive program that is recognized internationally. The program aims to develop middle to senior corporate manages and board members to become better in the respective line of work. All participants, regardless of their nationality and race are accepted. The program's two core values are relevance and research. Currently, development programs or customized programs being are offered to corporate executives. This is the program that is specifically created for company leaders who wants to have an MBA but don't want to go through the stress and difficulties in getting one.

But aside from all these, Manchester Business School also conducts their own research and studies on different subject matter at hand. These research are published in their website and anywhere else on the internet. They can be browsed and accessed, along with many other socially relevant information that were created by the school's best students.

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