Fleet Business School

Fleet Business School is a school in Annapolis, Maryland that offers one- to less than two-year undergraduate degrees in several programs. This is a private, for-profit institution founded in 1934. Students who prefer a low teacher to student ratio will appreciate this school. The current ratio stands at 1:11. Its student body is dominated by White and Black Americans who consist of 94% of the total population with Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders consisting of the rest.

Courses offered by Fleet Business School

Fleet Business School offers a limited number of degrees in business, computers, legal and administrative fields. Some information about these programs are provided below:

Business Administration and Management

This degree prepares students for a role in business and entrepreneurship. The program includes courses in business management, marketing, finance and accounting.

Employability outlook for this course: The field of business is highly competitive but for students who are proactive and determined to make a mark in this industry, there are sectors they can penetrate, including corporate, government and private sectors. They can also apply their new skills into building and sustaining their own business.

Business Computer Facilities Operator

This degree teaches students the fundamentals of computer monitoring and control. It also includes lessons in the processing of electronic data that will be used in science, engineering and business. The program essentially equips students with the necessary skills to operate computers and related equipment in order to manipulate and control a computer system, including the computer terminal. It will also prepare them to perform diagnostics in case of equipment malfunction and to make necessary corrections of errors.

Employability outlook for this course: Generally, students who graduate from this program will be required by employers to undergo on-the-job training. Entry level salary is approximately US$21,000 a year, with an average annual salary of US$ 33,500 a year.

Health and Medical Administrative Services

This course prepares students to become clinical managers, with more specific tasks and responsibilities than medical generalists. Their job encompasses the maintenance and monitoring of patient health records and as such, must be trained to secure these records through software and computer technology.

Health and medical administrative services graduates will also work with medical doctors and physicians. In some cases, they might even be tasked to help formulate strategies to improve clinical and hospital services and to coordinate the daily business of the facility. The course will also prepare the student to handle and manage related administrative work, such as those involving personnel, planning, patient flow, budgeting and billing and collection.

Employability outlook for this course: Health care is still an industry that will require skilled workers, so expect job opportunities to be good, especially if applicants have a solid background in training and related work or on-the-job experience. The work environment for this type of course is usually in private offices, hospitals and nursing care facilities. The course offered by Fleet Business School is sufficient for entry level positions.

Tourism and Travel Services

Students who take up this course will be trained to provide services to motel and hotel guests. With tourism becoming an increasingly competitive field, employees in this sector are expected to become proactive marketers and strategic partners. Their studies will cover office management, hotel operations and sales and marketing.

Employability outlook for this course: The tourism field is still a growth area and as such, competition in travel opportunities, hospitality services and consumer demand will continue to rise. This demand will require graduates who are knowledgeable and equipped with the right skills in order to help manage tourism and hotel operations.

Legal Administrative Secretary Program

This course will prepare students for employment in the field of law. As such, they will be trained in practical knowledge of administrative tasks and skills related to the industry. The curriculum includes courses that will familiarize students with legal, administrative and business tools and methodologies often used in a legal office.

Employability outlook for this course: The program offered by Fleet Business School prepares the student for work as an assistant in a government or law office or a corporate legal department. He or she can then pursue a different specialization, including corporate law, labor law, criminal law, litigation, employee benefits or personal injury.

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