The Sauder School of Business: Building a Career

Choosing a career in business is a big leap for any student and searching for an excellent school to educate you on your chosen endeavor is yet a bigger leap. And why is that? Your choice of business school would determine a chunk of your future. If the best is what you have in mind, then take a look at what The Sauder School of Business could offer.

Formerly known as the University of British Columbia Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, this business school is situated right in The University Endowment Lands which is westside of Vancouver, Canada (near the city limits). Its programs include diploma courses, bachelor courses, masters and even Ph.D. As of the moment, there are about 28,000 alumni from 60 countries.

This school has a rich history to boast of. Way back in 1929, it has offered its very first degree on Bachelor of Commerce. This is in response to the lobbying of the business society. The lobbyists were members of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

1950 marked the school’s partnership with and the C.G.S, C.A., C.M.A, Banff School of Management, C.G.S., C.M.A., C.A., and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, to establish the School of Commerce. 1952 was the year when graduate education for business was offered.

There were many more historical happenings after these years but it was in June 5, 2003 that the school was finally named The Sauder School of Business with its many educational undergraduate and post-graduate programs. These include the following:

  1. Early Career Masters
  2. Diploma Course in Sales and Marketing (SME)
  3. Master of Management in OR
  4. Master of Health Administration
  5. Master of Business Administration
  6. PhD/MSc
  7. Executive Masters of Business Administration
  8. Executive Education
  9. Centre for CEO Leadership
  10. Accounting diploma
  11. Real Estate Division

As to the MBA programs, it is imperative that the candidate has a work experience of about 6-8 years.

Just so we would have an idea of what the school has proven, perhaps, it is best to look at some of the alumni that the school has produced:

  1. Bruce Birmingham, Bank of Nova Scotia (Former President), MBA 1971.
  2. Bill Dalton, HSBC Bank (Chief Executive), BCom 1971.
  3. V. Paul Lee, Electronic Arts Canada & World Wide Studios (SVP & COO), BCom 1987.
  4. Pedro Man, Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific Limited (President), MBA 1981.
  5. Henry McKinnell, Pfizer Inc. (CEO & Chairman), BCom 1965.

Recently, the school made some news on the field of sports: a Sauder Professor has offered the foremost systematic analysis on the performance of golf which he did by comparing 440 records of players from different locations. His study has been of great help in this sport.

Needless to say, the school has produced choice leaders in business and commerce. And if those are not enough to make you hop onboard, then consider the fact that it is included on the list of top 100 business schools. The Sauder School of Business also received the most number of research grants in all of Canada (as compared to all other business schools there). And with all its achievements and powerful methods of teaching, there is surefire success. So when looking for a good business school to back you up in your future business career, look no further.

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