All About the Bristol Business School

Going to business school can be a challenge, whether you are an undergraduate, or if you are wishing to continue your education. If you are an undergraduate, you need to attend many seminars and presentations, talk to business leaders and be as updated as possible on the latest in the business world, and all while you are struggling to keep up with your studies, finish your homework, and even get educated in other key disciplines. If you are continuing your education, you will need to raise a family or keep your job, and you need to juggle all these as you try to finish business school.

One such business school that you may want to consider is the Bristol Business School, which operates under the University of the West of England. The Bristol Business school is composed of over three thousand students, and is divided into seven schools that are based on seven key disciplines in the world of business. These include economics, accounting and finance, marketing, operations and information management, human resource management, organization studies, and strategy and international business.

The lecture staff of the Bristol Business School work in both research and consultancy, an some of the staff have also worked as members of industry. According to the school, this wide range of expertise allows the staff to be informed, and consistently, with examples that are drawn directly from both experience and practice. The Bristol Business School itself offers various programs, whether the entering student wishes to start off on an undergraduate track; hopes to continue education in a postgraduate track; or renew or update knowledge through professional courses.

Bristol is in the south of England, and the main campus of the Bristol Business School is located at Frenchay, which is about five miles to the north of the Bristol city center. Thanks to investments and development work of about a hundred and fifty million pounds’ worth, the school is now equipped with student accommodation facilities, as well as leisure facilities. The school itself also has a good many computing facilities that will allow students to not only access their email and communicate through various online modes, but allow them to hone their computer and information management skills as well. The University of the West of England is also home to one of the United Kingdom’s largest libraries.

The city of Bristol itself is a great place to be if you are considering some time off from business school. The city is modern, with a rich multicultural environment. It has also been redeveloped, with its riverside places having stretches of waterfronts that house bars, night clubs, cafes, and even art and media centers. There are also many shopping areas within the Bristol city center, as well as sports facilities that can allow students to unwind. Nearby are major railway stations, as well as an international airport that services flights to continental Europe, or across the Atlantic Ocean and to the United States. This can be an added advantage for students from the United States who might want to consider doing their business school education abroad.

These are only a few facts about the Bristol Business School that you may want to consider. For more information, visit their official website at where you can learn more about the options available to you as a student. You can also read more about the achievements of the school and its staff, and see if your future goals meet the research work of the school.

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