Kellogg School of Business

Try to visit the Kellogg School of Business and you will observe that their curriculum is certainly one of the most updated ones in the country today. Courses such as Biotechnology, Internet Marketing, Entertainment Management, Derivative Securities, Models and Technology, Empirical Methods in Strategy, and Spreadsheet Decision Models are all available here. This kind of curriculum is certainly not what you can find in other business schools in the country because other schools take time to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

Meanwhile, the Kellogg School of Business has endeavored, over the past couple of years, to be a place where new and exciting ideas and nourished. This establishment believes that new ideas can provide diverse learning opportunities for their students so they can be successful in the industry. It is not surprising to discover then that the Kellogg School of Business has opened 50 new courses since 1995. Besides learning how to create financial statement and apply business theories, students in this school will also learn how to get enough capital to start up a company, enter new markets, and learn how to take advantage of the opportunity presented by information technology.

Basically, the Kellogg School is divided into six departments including the Management and Organization, Accounting Information and Management, Marketing, Managerial Economics and Decisions Sciences, and Finance. There are also a variety of professional programs available at the Kellogg School of Business such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Business and Markets, Health Industry Management, Media Management, and Real Estate Management. Students who are interested in interdisciplinary majors can also look into the Kellogg School because they also offer Social Enterprises and Analytical Consulting courses.

As you can see, Kellogg School of Business is certainly a well-rounded organization to get into. They want their students to excel outside the classroom as well so their students are provided ample opportunities to apply what they have learned. Kellogg students are trained to be leaders and innovators so you can see them in different fields that let them use their talents to its fullest potential. For example, some Kellogg students are accomplished athletes, volunteers, successful businessmen, famous musicians, club leaders, as well as conference organizers.

There are certainly limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth at the Kellogg School of Business. The culture at this school is another thing that students love about the school because it has a unique culture that embraces people from different backgrounds and lifestyles; this provides the school with a better learning environment where students can understand each other better. You can expect that the academic life of students can become balanced with their extracurricular activities in this school. Being set in a laid-back and academic environment definitely contributes to the student’s growth as a well-rounded person.

With all these advantages in mind, it is really no wonder that Kellogg students become great leaders later on in life. Their leadership skills are already enhanced in schools so they become very effective leaders in the workplace. Right now, you should note that the Kellogg School of Business offers action learning opportunities for its students so that they will have a hands-on experience on what to expect in the real business environment after graduation. Some pre-term curriculum they have include decision making and crisis management so that students will know how to handle stressful situation while making effective decisions for the company.

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