Harvard Business School Press: The Preeminent Business Publisher

Harvard Business School Press or HBSP is the publishing arm of Harvard Business School Publishing. It is a not for profit organization and is an owned subsidiary of the well-respected and admired Harvard Business School. The profits earned from the sale of its publications are used for funding research performed at Harvard Business School.

Harvard Business School Press is actually a large corporation that encompasses the group that publishes books often used in the Harvard Business School itself. The sole shareholder of HBSP is the Dean of Harvard Business School.

Harvard Business School Press was founded in 1984, 76 years after the establishment of Harvard Business School. Its main purpose is to publish and provide business books not only to its students but also to entrepreneurs and organizations. Due to the high quality of its publications and the stringent standards it has maintained over the years, Harvard Business School Press has become a very influential force in the business world. It is touted as one of the best sources of business ideas and has been involved in the implementation of many of the most prevalent business concepts today.

Mission and values

Harvard Business School Press aims to contribute to the improvement of management and business practices by developing media services and products that provide organizations and individuals with valuable ideas and concepts. Their goal is to become the top choice as a publisher by content providers, experts and authors who provide influential ideas in both business and management.

A meticulous process of editing

Harvard Business School Press is highly distinguished in the field of publishing due in part to its exacting editorial process and practices. In order for a manuscript to see print, it is reviewed, assessed and edited by some of the industry's most respected experts and peers. Only the best and most reliable publications are then released for distribution.

Key publications of Harvard Business School Press

Harvard Business School Press is the publisher of the preeminent Harvard Business Review. This publication is one of the top magazines on general management that provides research-based articles and information. It has one of the largest readerships in the industry and is well-respected by business experts and academics. To date, its circulation is about 240,000 (for the English language publication) and has 11 editions licensed, including releases in German, Portuguese and Chinese.

This is the same publication responsible for introducing certain business terms to the lexicon, such as: 'glass ceiling', 're-engineering', 'globalization', 'core competence' and 'strategic intent', among others.

Some of its leading titles include: Michael Watkins' 'The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels', Huselid, Becker and Beatty's 'The Workforce Scorecard: Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy', Robert Kaplan and David Norton's 'The Strategy-Focused Organization' and 'Strategy Maps' and 'How Customers Think: Essential Insights Into the Mind of the Market'.

Harvard Business School Press also publishes works by its faculty, including books, manuals, working papers, published articles, case studies, course notes and teaching notes. The Press also accepts manuscripts from other writers and academics outside its educational system and also allows requests and offers to translate any of its publications. Case studies may be requested from the Press' case collection but they are strictly for educational purposes only and will not be released for research or media distribution.

Harvard Business School Press has approximately 400 book titles already in print.

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